Regenerating bath will bring you back to life

Pour hot water into a bath, pour the right amount of magnesium flakes into the water and enjoy a regenerating bath which will bring you back to life after heavy training or a tough day at work.

One week therapy

We have become used to taking magnesium containted in the food we eat or (worse) in the form of pills. However, magnesium is absorbed several times faster through the skin and as such is easy on the stomach. That’s why we make it and deliver as magnesium flakes.

A hot regenerating bath is perfect for muscles tired by heavy training, it relaxes the body after a tough work day and moisturizes the skin, making it firmer.

When is it good to take a 20-minute magnesium bath?

  • after training
  • after at tough, stressful day at work
  • if you’ve gone through a lot that day – literally (magnesium is great to relax the feet, too)
  • when recovering from injury
  • when suffering from old injuries pain

This product has an additional benefit of soothing the nervous system. It helps you relax, quiet down and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients that we should consume. Learn more about its properties.

Bathing magnesium flakes available in two variants: one week therapy – 1 kg and one month therapy – 4 kg.

Strengthen the therapy
By adding a few drops of an essential oilto your magnesium bath, you strengthen its regenerative effects. The pleasant scent lets you relax, forget the day’s struggles and relax the tired muscles… first steps towards an effective rest.

10 reasons why

your organism needs magnesium.

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How to use magnesium flakes?

Fill the bath with enough hot water (temperature of 37-39℃) to cover your whole body. Pour 2-4 cups(*)* (250 ml) of magnesium flakes, stir and wait for them to dissolve.

* The more tired you feel, the more flakes you should pour. Then the bath’s effects will be stronger. Remember – do not pour more than 6 cups per bath.
For best effects, take a 20-minute bath. Magnesium is then absorbed through the skin and the body will not heat up to much.
After the bath, rinse your body thoroughly.
Some of the flakes may be discoloured, i.e. not snowy white. This is natural for the ingredient as it may contain some natural contamination.
Repeat this bathing 1-2 times per week during training cycles or increased physical activity.

See the answers to most frequently asked questions

Unfortunately not. Mostly due to water’s high temperature and the required bathing time (approx. 20 minutes).
These products may cause a slight itching or burning sensation – especially in the early stage of the therapy. This reaction is absolutely natural for the skin which needs time to get used to contact with higher amounts of magnesium. The symptoms will pass quickly and should not be considered allergic as magnesium is a natural nutrient, already present in our organisms. Slight itching may also be caused by using larger amounts of the product. That’s why it’s important not to exceed the suggested dose of each product.
MRS products should not be used if you have open scratches, chaffing and wounds on the skin. Bathing may irritate the skin and be unpleasant also when the skin is very dry and cracked.
Considering how much of our daily behaviour causes our bodies to lose magnesium (drinking coffee and tea in large amounts, stress, dieting) it’s very difficult to overdose magnesium, even taking supplements. But it is possible. The main symptoms of hypermagnesaemia are feeling weak, breathing disorders, low blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and dizziness. Quite frequently the body simply retains too much magnesium which may be caused by adrenal insufficiency or hypothyoridism. Should you notice any of such symptoms in your body, consult your doctor, as the root cause may lie somewhere else.
Avoid touching the face or wiping the eyes during bathing. If a small amount of water with magnesium is swallowed accidentally, nothing will happen, but the product is not meant to be digested. In case of contact with the eyes please rinse them thoroughly with running water. If that doesn’t help and the burning sensation does not stop after an hour, consult your doctor immediately.
First of all, these products should not be used by pregnant women and persons with hypermagnesaemia. Remember that magnesium is absorbed 5 times faster through the skin so if you are using other forms of magnesium supplementation, please consult your doctor to make sure you don’t exceed your daily magnesium intake dose.
Regenerative products are not recommended for children. If you are considering such a therapy for your child, please consult your doctor who will help you make an informed decision.

Are you a professional sportsperson?
Training to stay in shape and enjoy life?
Feeling drained after a tough day at work?

MRS products will help you in your daily regeneration and will make your rest more effective.