What do your muscles need?

Have you ever wondered what really is happening to your muscles during exercise?

If we followed this process under a microscope, we could see tiny microtears appearing in muscle fibres during a workout. Muscle tissue growth is in fact a peculiar process of scarring as a result of this fibre damage.

Our body is capable of selfhealing so a muscle can repair itself usually within 24 to 72 hours.

What do we experience then? Well, anyone who has ever practiced any sports discipline or worked out in a gym knows this feeling: muscle fatigue, reduced joint movement, sore and tensed up muscles which exactly for that reason need to be stretched. And muscle soreness in itself is a topic for another article.

Our body needs regeneration and relaxation to work ever longer and bear increasingly higher loads. Let’s repeat then: proper stretching, a good massage to relax tensed up muscle groups, a hot bath and rest. That is how you properly treat your body after a physical effort.

And the most important thing! Replenishing electrolytes, especially magnesium which is easily flushed out of the body. Muscles of course need nutrients to grow.

When and how do I find the time for all this?

We can make it a little easier by taking magnesium flakes baths which meet all regenerative needs of our muscles.

All our other activities will be much more effective then, of course if done regularly. Flakes relax the body after the exercise and reduce the feeling of fatigue and overtraining.

Remember! Rested muscles will help you achieve even more!

Appreciate the power of relaxation! Your body will thank you for it.