Supporting the SCT Bike on Wax Team

Being the physical activity and sports competition freaks we know the importance of supporting sportspeople, so they can develop and succeed. That is why Bike on Wax and Velock together support the “SCT Bike On Wax” cycling team, helping them go forward and enjoy further success.

They met not long ago, in 2015 and fairly quickly this group of strangers have decided to begin sport cycling as a team. Nothing brings people closer than practicing sport together. Their first coach was Mateusz Czajkowski of the SPARTAN Training Centre in Wroclaw. Now coaching is led by Grzegorz Krężel who has prepared the team for the current season.

Team Members are: Filip Bagiński, Dorota Czech, Justyna Drozdowska, Agnieszka Feherpataky, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Piotr Kluska, Marta Kochanek, Jarosław Kosiński, Grzegorz Krężel, Jacek Kudaś, Łukasz Laska, Katarzyna Nijander, Agnieszka Majer, Piotr Mękarski, Dariusz Miecznikowski, Maciej Pietrzak, Paweł Woch, Kamila Woźniak, Łukasz Woźniak.

SCT Bike On Wax cyclists have already reached the podium in these races: Breakfast of Champions, Kocie Góry; time trials of the Road Marathon in Sieroszowice and finished many other races just behind the top three.

Sports sponsorship makes you feel that your actions are really meaningful as it allows hardworking, talented people to grow and aim for their goals. It makes us very happy to watch them succeed, win competitions and most of all enjoy it!