So, what is a cramp?

So, what is a cramp?

It’s an increase of tension in a strained muscle which manifests itself as an acute pain. Most common in shank, calf, foot and arm muscles and can appear during exercise or while you’re asleep.

You don’t need to be a sportsperson to experience this unpleasant affliction. There are several reasons for muscle cramps to appear – the most common is inadequate diet or more precisely lack of magnesium. That is when you should replenish this element through proper dieting and supplements. How to prevent muscle cramps?

You must:

  • drink lots of water while working out;
  • take hot, muscle relaxing baths;
  • do several minutes of warm up before each workout;
  • stretch properly after physical exercise;
  • drink less coffee and alcohol (or none at all, if possible);
  • take magnesium, calcium and vitamin B supplements;
  • include these in your diet: whole grain products, dark green leafy vegetables and natural rice, leguminous vegetables, dark chocolate, bananas, poultry, nuts, yoghurts.

What to do when getting a muscle cramp?

  • stop exercising;
  • drink some mineral water;
  • massage the sore, cramped muscle.

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