New products coming this Fall!

You’re already familiar with our magnesium flakes bath which will regenerate your energy even after very heavy training. And this Fall there will be more new, long-awaited products in our shop, such as magnesium oil and essential oils.

Magnesium Oil is a perfect solution for those who can’t take advantage of a weekly regenerative bath. All you do is spray desired body parts with the oil, spread and massage it into the skin, remembering to keep massaging towards your heart. This thermoactive liquid with collagen and kamfora helps regenerate after a heavy effort and relaxes those tight, crampy muscles. The oil is totally safe and can be used daily, e.g. after training.

Another novelty will be scented essential oils for various applications. First, eucalyptus, is especially helpful in easing neuralgia, thanks to its stimulating effect on the body. This antiseptic oil helps cure skin infections and also soothes the swelling and burning sensation resulting from mosquito bites, which comes in handy especially during the summer.

Next, orange, is one of the most popular essential oils as its delicate and fresh scent soothes and relaxes you quickly. When added to the bath it disinfects the skin and coats it.

The third oil on offer will be the pine scent, especially helpful in curing upper respiratory tract infections and the common cold. A few drops added to your hot bath will quickly put an end to that “aching bones” feeling, so typical when the body is getting sick.

The last but not least of the big four is the lavender, oil, handy after a tough day at the office, as it helps you to calm, relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Each oil can be used in several ways: added to the bath, air freshener or humidifier. A small amount can also be mixed with massage oil to stimulate or soothe the body with a desired scented essential oil.

New products complement the magensium flakes regenerative therapy. By adding these three elements to your daily hygiene routines you increase your chances of regaining your strength and peace of mind.