So, what is a cramp?

So, what is a cramp? It’s an increase of tension in a strained muscle which manifests itself as an acute pain...

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What do your muscles need?

Have you ever wondered what really is happening to your muscles during exercise?

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New products coming this Fall!

You’re already familiar with our magnesium flakes bath which will regenerate your energy even after very heavy training.

And this Fall there will be more new, long-awaited products in our shop, such as…

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What is balneotherapy?

Water constitutes 70% of your body mass, it is vital for you to function properly and when used skilfully it can positively affect your well-being.

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Supporting the SCT Bike on Wax Team

Being the physical activity and sports competition freaks we know the importance of supporting sportspeople, so that they can develop and succeed. That is why…

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